Rethink How You
Engage With Donors.

At Share, we've built the largest database of church marketing talent on the planet. Our teams can help non profits like yours build automated and personalized recurring donor programs.

We Build Automated Communication 
Campaigns That Keep Donors Engaged.

Increase Donor Retention

With an automated followup campaign, you can ensure that each donor receives fifty-two weeks of content highlighting how their gift supports the vision of your church.  By staying top of mind you'll increase the likelihood that new donors will continue to give in the future.

Better Communication

Automated campaigns can help you  inspire givers with impact stories, text messages, emails, handwritten notes, and custom content. By staying connected, you'll build a stronger relationship with your donors and create community around your mission.

Save Time

An automated followup campaign allows you to set it up once and let it run in the background, freeing up valuable time for you and your team to focus on other important tasks. No more feeling guilty for forgetting to check-in on your donors. 

Only 29% Of New Givers Stick
After The First Year



Unfortunately for most organizations the answer is NOTHING.

A receipt? A year end tax statement? If your church is only communicating with givers when you need money then you're treating them like ATM's not people. This can lead to common problems for church giving. 

Low Retention Of New Givers. 

Stagnant Budgets That Have Hit A Wall. 

Going Back To The Same Few Donors Time After Time For  Special Projects. 

How Do Donor Followup Campaigns Work?

Take a few minutes to watch this campaign overview video. Like what you see? View a sequence for yourself and see what your givers could see. 


At the core of every campaign that Share builds is a year's worth of custom content that "drips" out to your givers. We work with your team to develop the content or can supplement your creative team with freelancers from the Share Marketplace as needed. 


Emails are a core feature of each campaign. Automated emails send at pre-set times based on trigger events and audience segment. 

Text Messaging

Monthly text messages allow donors to stay engaged. Text messages have a 95% open rate meaning you know your givers are seeing your content.

Custom Content

Not sure what content needs to be included in your campaign? We can either coach your team on what's needed or you can hire a Share Squad to create your campaign deliverables. 

Segmented Audiences

Givers in your church need to be engaged in ways that are contextualized. Our campaigns create multiple audience segments with workflows and messaging crafted with each unique giver in mind. 

Quizzes, Courses, and Assessments

Giving has to be connected to discipleship. That's why we can help you build courses, quizes, and surveys into your campaign to understand where your people are in their walk with God. 

Team Reminders

Our campaigns automatically send text and phone call reminders to your team to followup with new givers, on special occassions, or whenever you want to create a personal touchpoint with your givers.